Business Security

This article examines business security and provides some practical advise on protecting your business. Unfortunately as any new business knows it isn’t long before opening that the first break and enter occurs or another security issue raises it ugly head. Dealing with insurance companies reveals that often the business person is own their own, particularly if the business is targeted numerous times. The more successful your business, the more interest it tends to generate amongst low life’s, and once they have struck they will be back again unless you do something about it.

In order to protect your business one of the first things you need to do is establish safe cash flow practices. This includes the basics like not leaving out large quantities of cash in tills or petty cash, ensuring you have a descent safe and/or strongroom. However it goes much further than this. Ensuring correct cashflow includes correct recording procedures with regular audits. Often one of biggest hits a company takes is when its own employee steals from the cashflow. Without tight auditing procedures an employee can easily rake up $1000’s of dollars in fraud and the chance of you or your company seeing that money again is limited. Know your staff and managers, particularly avoid like the plague anyone with a drug or gambling problem. A quality camera system not only protects your staff, it also protects you, letting you know whats happening when you’re not there. A small investment in quality equipment can save you heartache later. Requiring your employee to provide some basic background and criminal history has become standard fare for major corporations.

Whilst installing an alarm won’t guarantee your business safety, a monitored one does limit the amount of time an offender is on premises and therefore limits potential loss.

But money security goes beyond your safe, do you have safe banking practises? If you can’t afford a security company to collect money do you ensure you regularly bank takings. Bank with a varying schedule and ensure the money is disguised. Don’t be so stupid as to take cash to the bank with the bank provided bags visible in your hands, you are just asking to get robbed.

Security goes beyond just money. Security is about people. Giving them safe environments in which to work and providing a safe atmosphere for your customers. You want security that whilst highly effective does not take over the running of your business, it should be in the background, visible but not overbearing.

CCTV only work if you have quality footage. There is no point having cameras unless that video quality is high. New computer systems provide a greater number of camera links with better quality than the one video tape you’ve recording over twenty times.

Obviously security nowadays always extends to the online world, but that is a separate topic. For now ask yourself does your business or even home security come up to scratch?? If not what value are you placing on yourself, your family, your business, your money?