Data Systems in Singapore

The Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore

The IDA is the umbrella organization responsible for overseeing the provision and improvement of telecommunications for Singapore.

It established a neutral body, the Singapore Internet Exchange (SGIX), to strengthen Singapore’s position as an information communication hub and has strived to oversee and coordinate the development of information and telecommunication systems via existing infrastructure and new innovations such as the NBN the DCP and other bodies.

The National Broadband Network

The organization, better known as the NBN, operates the wired network that provides ultra-high speed broadband access of 1Gbps or more to homes, schools, government buildings, businesses and hospitals.

An offshoot of the network known as Next Gen NII provides wired and wireless networks for seamless connectivity for users.

Data Central Park

The ultimate motive for developing the Data Central Park coincides with the IDA’s objective of turning Singapore into a major economic hub by attracting both government and private enterprises to establish their headquarters and high quality businesses in the park area.

It will also imbed Singapore as an information and communication hub.

The infrastructure will attract premium class internet and media companies to host their content and services in Singapore, not to mention the influx of Internet traffic and international network providers.

In the final analysis the move will enhance global connectivity and competitiveness, a soon to be realized reality that will immensely benefit both foreigners and local residents.


This represents the next most important Singapore’s commitment to improving the provision and accessibility to communication and information.

The IDA vision seeks to hone the overall economic competitiveness of Singapore by its ability in catalyzing demand by being use in industrial key production areas and development of manpower capabilities.

Telephones, internet and radio communications

In 1998 about 5.5 million phone lines were registered in Singapore, most of which were connected to computers and facsimile machines.

In March 2009, 3 operators operated over 6.4 million cellular phones.

In the same year, 4 major internet providers (ISPs) provided residents with local and overseas connections.

By February of the same year, more than 4.8 million radio users had access to radio broadband frequencies across the island.


Television services in Singapore are all government-owned and operated by the state controlled Media Corp with no competitors.

Because of proximity to Malaysia, both radio and television, broadcasts and signals can easily be picked up by television sets in Singapore can easily pick up signals from each side of the border.

In 1997, there were about 1.3 million television sets in Singapore.

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